Pierce Property Management

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1.What should we do when we find a property that we like?

2.Once we've seen the property, what is the next step?

3.How much are the required deposits?

4.How is my application processed? 

5.Are application fees refundable?

6.What if more than one person applies for the same property?

7.What happens after our application is approved?

8.What if I change my mind after the deposits have been paid?

9.What do I need to do before moving in?

10.What are reasons my application may be denied? 

11.Where can I obtain a copy of the Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act? 




1. Our policy is that we would like prospective tenants to preview the property if possible and then contact our office at 928-445-8750 to make arrangements to view the interior of the property with an agent. If the property is still occupied, we request that you do not disturb the current tenants when you preview the property.


2. Applications must be submitted to our office. These can be obtained from the agent when you view the property, picked up at our office, or downloaded from our website. Everyone 18 and over must fill out an application. All application fees are $25.00 for each individual applicant. When you fill out an application, a copy of a photo ID is required for each applicant. 


3. Security Deposits are equal to one months rent, and are refundable except for a $75.00 administrative fee. Additional deposits when there are pets are equal to 1/2 of one months rent and are also refundable. Carpet cleaning/black light fees range from $100.00 to $250.00 normally, depending on the size of the unit.


4. Credit checks are run on each applicant over the age of 18. Legal background search and prior landlord references will also be checked. Employment may be verified if necessary. Prospective tenants are responsible for checking on the status of their application. 


5. The application fee is only refundable if we do not process your application.


6. Multiple applications will be accepted on properties. The most qualified applicant will have first option to rent the property. In the event applicants are equally qualified, the applicant who scheduled an appointment first will have priority.


7. Within two (2) business days the Security Deposit and non-refundable carpet cleaning fee, as well as any pet deposits are due. Deposits and fees must be paid with a cashiers check or money order. If these monies are not paid we will not continue to hold the property available. 


8. If you change your mind once the deposits and fees have bee paid, you will forfeit half (1/2) of your Security Deposit: The pet deposit and carpet cleaning fee will be refunded to you.


9. The lease/rental agreement will need to be signed by all lessees. Rent and deposits will be due prior to picking up the keys. If you are not moving in on the 1st of the month, the first month's rent will be pro-rated. Utilities which the tenant is responsible for (gas/propane/water or electric) must be transferred to the tenants name, and proof of this transfer is required prior to picking up the keys.


10. Reasons for denial include: - Misrepresentation of information on the application - Previous landlord report of non-compliance activity including, but not limited to, *disturbance of neighbors peaceful enjoyment *reports of drug or other illegal activity *damage to property beyond normal wear and tear *unauthorized persons or pets on property *failure to give proper notice when vacating *previous landlord is disinclined to rent to you again for any reason pertaining to behavior of yourself, pets or guests. - Repeated violations when residing in a community with CCR's, HOA's or any other form of Rules and Regulations. - Any outstanding monies due to previous landlords and/or utility companies. - If you were convicted in the last five (5) years of any crime which may be considered a threat to property or residents peaceful enjoyment of premises. Pierce Property Management has zero tolerance for drugs. No illegal drugs of any kind are permitted on the property. Residents will be required to sign the Crime Free Lease Addendum.


11. A copy may be download from the Arizona Department of Housing at www.azhousing.gov